Raw Panorama of the set of The Thing. Click on the picture to see it in the viewer.
I have been into photography for about 15 years now, using my old Minolta 35mm. I don't want to sound unloyal to an old friend, but digital photography has really taken over. And once I got my 360º lens, well, that was it.
Cornerstone Festival of Gardens

I happened to pick up Newsweek at a friend's house in San Jose, boy am I glad I did. They had an article about this amazing place and my friend and I drove straight there, right then!

Red bamboo, water, and blue tree in the background

In the grass next to the blue tree

Blue tree in the distance

The UPC stage

Chopsticks on the ground and meditation chamber

Rabbit tunnel

Spinning flowers and red wall

Immigrant wall

Spinning flowers, blue tree in distance

Changing Rooms 1

Changing Rooms 2

In October 2002 I took 360º photographs of Bob Burns Halloween Extravaganza Presentation of The Thing. To read more about Bob Burns and his fantastic collection, check out his official web site.
Recording Studio One and Two
One day I went to Vasquez Rocks and found Captain Kirk doing a jig. I don't know what's up with that.
The Thing 5

The Thing 6

The Thing 7

The Thing 8

The Thing 10

The Thing 11

The Thing 12

The Thing 15

Remodeling at the Palm Desert Macys
I use a BeHere 360º lens with a Nikon CoolPix 995. I love history and am always looking to take 360º photos for the purpose of historical preservation. If you have some sort of interesting collection, museum, historical site, or other such location that you think should be photographed, email me now!!
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